Amber Lash Tweezer Black Label


Product Description 

Amber Lash Professional BLACK Tweezers are designed to ensure less strain on your wrist with multiple uses. It is also carefully calibrated to maintain at the tip of the tweezer for accuracy and manufactured with high-quality material.

Ω Have you tried many tweezers but still can’t find the perfect pair?
You’ve looked everywhere and tried long tweezers, short tweezers, ribbed-handle tweezers, you name it. The problem is, they don’t feel comfortable in your hands.

Ω As a professional, you know you need to be in your comfort zone to do your job effortlessly and flawlessly.
With tons of tweezers for lash extensions out there, it’s hard to find the perfect tweezers you’re going to be comfortable with. This is to avoid bending the lashes or even bending the tips of your tweezer. So how do you decide?

Ω With Amber Lash Supplies Black Tweezers, you get a quality product that is used by most professionals!
Our product is expertly crafted to ensure that the grip is sturdy and comfortable to use. This is to allow easy application and extraction of individual lashes. It keeps your work clean and simple, preventing adhesives from migrating to other lashes.

With superior wear resistance, it doesn’t easily bend or break. Even with daily use, it can last a very long time. Regularly sterilize to avoid bacteria buildup especially if mishandled or used by other people.

Ω Here are more reasons to love Amber Lash Black Tweezers:

✔ If you don’t have steady hands, our tweezers provide a comfortable grip to make it less stressful for you to put on lashes.
✔ They don’t stain or rust.
✔ With pointed tips, applying lashes is made easier.
✔ They fit in any makeup kit so you can bring it with you anytime, anywhere.

Don’t sacrifice the quality of your tweezers. Add Amber Lash Black Tweezers to your cart TODAY! 

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