Sharp Lash Dark Brown by Amber Lash


▼DARK BROWN: Create a different look with subtle DARK BROWN. While not being deviate too much from traditional black lashes, DARK BROWN lashes add hue of brown to your lashes under the light

▼DIFFERENT LENGTHS: AMBERLASH SHARP LASH is eyelash extension with 7 different lengths types: 8mm | 9mm | 10mm | 11mm | 12mm | 13mm | 14mm | 15mm|. These long, luxurious eyelashes will last long and fresh.

▼TYPES OF CURLS: We have 5 different Types of Curls. B curl, C curl, D curl, J curl and L curl eyelash extensions will give you attractive and natural look. The Curl can last for a long time and there is obvious waterproof.

▼LIGHT AND SOFT: AMBERLASH SHARP LASH is made of premium Quality material and 100% handmade from our factory. Eyelashes are virtually weightless as your own eyelashes. Comfortable wear.