Rolly King Eyelash Flying Kit – Eyelash lifting (1pack,5pack option)


  • Complete Eyelash Lifting Kit: The Rolly King Flying Kit includes everything you need to create wonderfully curled eyelashes.
  • Choose Your Curl: The kit contains 3 different size of high quality liting rods. choose the curl you want.
  • Boost Your Lashes: Rolly King Keratin Boost Essence is included with every kit. remedy any damage that can be caused by the lifting and keeping your lashes healthy!
  • Top Quality: Rolly King Lash lift solutions and lift glues are one of the top quality lash lift products of S. Korea
  • READY FOR THE MOMENT: Great for party and wedding- eyelash lift is an innovative way to keep lashes curled and looking younger. Get your lashes ready for that great moments in life!
  • Natural and deep curls make the eyes clear, and if you invest just 30 minutes without difficulty, you can maintain a sense of volume for up to 2 months or more.
  • It is an excellent product for those who have drooping eyelashes, those who find mascara difficult or cumbersome, and those who feel reluctance or discomfort with eyelash extensions.