Permania Strong Fix Lash Lift Adhesive


  • The improved strength of this glue compared to the original Lomansa glue can result in better lash retention, meaning the lash perm will last longer and require less frequent touch-ups.
  • The fact that this adhesive is clear and non-toxic makes it a safer and more versatile option for lash perming. It can be used with silicone rods and pads without causing irritation or damage to the client’s skin or eyes.
  • The reduction in “stringiness” and tangling of the glue means that it is easier to work with and can result in a cleaner, more precise application of the lash perm.
  • The quick dissolution of the glue with water means that any excess can be easily removed from the client’s skin and lashes without causing discomfort or irritation. This can help to minimize any potential negative side effects of the lash perm process.