Metel Lash


  • Special Curl: Creates an eyeline effect in which the tail of the eye rises upward and the tail of the eye lengthens to the side.

          Choose from  Two Types

          Metel Lash: Longer eyeline

          Cat Eye: Higher sharper eyeline.

  • Dramatic Eyeline: Mix with other eyelashes of your choice to perform eyelash extensions, making your eyes beautiful and clear. You can create a dramatic eyeline with eyelash extensions.
  • Amazing durability: Even after washing your face and sleeping, the extended eyeline stays for a long time.
  • Tips for Metel Lash:1.Divide length of eye into 5 equal parts, graft at the lash section of the eye using the same length of Metel lash as natural lash.2.There are two thicknesses, 0.15 and 0.20. You can choose the same thickness as regular lashes or a little thicker. 1-2 mm longer than regular lashes look great too!3. It’s can create a special beauty by attaching 1 ~ 2mm longer than the last length of regular eyelashes.
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