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Amber Lash Pretreatment, Premium Eyelash Extension Primer 120ml


✨ PRIMED FOR UTMOST RETENTION: Easily Removes any stubborn fine layer of dirt, natural oils, and makeup residue that can affect your eyelashes adhesive bonds. This signifies that you get the perfect bond every single time and your clients’ retention will be stronger than it’s ever been!

✨ REVITALIZE HEALTHY LASH GROWTH – Our professional lash grade pretreatment is unique that is specially formulated to contain copper peptide and collagen. This magical nutritive ingredient effectively stimulates healthy eyelash growth, not only will your clients have amazing retention, they’ll also have longer and healthier looking natural lashes!

✨ FASTER DRYING ADHESIVES – The pretreatment strips away all the impurities from the natural lashes thus the adhesive can grab hold of lashes and extension much stronger and subsequently dries a lot promptly. If your’re looking for a faster drying glue, but can’t find something that satisfy you, using this pretreatment is a great alternative. Stop searching for faster adhesive and try the pretreatment instead!

✨ SIGNIFICANT VOLUME & TECHNOLOGY: Unlike other pretreatments or lash primers with minimal sizes, our product bestow of 120ML meaning 80% more volume saving your money from purchasing over and over again. With the state-of-art technology, this unique mist spray allows easy application without hassle and effectively remove from the impurity dirt, natural oil, and other waste from skin before eyelash extensions.

✨HIGH QUALITY & 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED: Our special formula is tested and approved to meet manufacturing quality standard ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 to ensure the safety of you & and your clients. Additionally, all our products are tested by professional lash artist, rest assured knowing that both you and your clients will definitely love these high quality products. If you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase, we guarantee you a replacement or your money back – no questions asked!

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