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Lash Up Fixing Balm


Fixing balm point

  • Use it instead of lash lifting glue
  • Easy to use: It is a balm type that is easy to apply and is easier to use than liquid type glue.
  • Strong Fixing Power: You can easily fix eyelashes with strong adhesive power.
  • Easy control: Fixing balm is a sticky and soft balm (wax) type that is easy for users to control and does not harden quickly, so it is easy to correct eyelashes in the desired shape.
  • Customer’s comfort and safety: Fixing balm is a soft balm type, and like liquid type glue, there is little risk of spilling into the eyes, so it is safe for both customers and practitioners to feel comfortable.
  • Efficiency: Compared to liquid type glue, balm type can shorten the procedure time and reduce damage to eyelashes.
  • Economic: Fixing balm is economical as it contains 15g = 300 uses (1 use 0.05g). Also, unlike liquid type glue, the amount can be finely adjusted, so it can be used economically.

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