Amber Lash “Find The Right Glue” Bundle: Magic glue 10ml + Sglue 10ml + Sglue Plus 10ml + Sky Glue 10ml


  • Bundle of Amber Lash signature 10ml glues; Magic Glue, S glue, S glue Plus, and Sky Glue. 4 types of glue with different properties that distinguish them from one another.
  • With this specially priced bundle, you can find which glue is the right one for you without spending a large sum of money. You save 50% on the price!
  • Amber Lash guarantees quality glue in their freshest state! you can be sure that every glue you receive is within 1-2 months of its production!
  • Professional use only: Designed to be used by eyelash extension professionals, Magic Glue by Amber Lash is NOT FOR SELF-APPLICATION. Its advanced formula and 1-2 second dry time is suitable for beginner to to professional level eyelash extension artists.

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