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Amber Lash 100% Natural Hydro Collagen Under Eye Patch


 The Eye Pads You Must Have: Tired of seeing the dark circles, eye puffiness, wrinkles or looking tired? Give yourself rewards with the eye patch that really works! Invented carefully with 100% Natural Hydro Collagen that penetrates to the root of your skin and rejuvenate leaving perfectly youthful looks!

✅ You Are In Control of Your Youthful Looks: The Collagen Eye Pad Hydrates and Stimulates the skins to reduce dark circles and help brighten the eye skin.

✅ Why Should You Buy the Collagen Eye Pads: Unlike Eye Pads that contain Lint or other material which may cause irritation, the collagen is mainly made with proteins The perfect fit for people who have sensitive skins!

✅ Ideal for Eyelash Extensions: Lint-Free Collagen Eye Patch is especially designed to avoid clinging the lashes from the eye pads. Saving great amount of time for the professionals to work faster and cleaner.

 Who need to use?: Have strain eyes, black eyes, and eye fatigue from long-term use of eye makeup, use of electronic, or lacking nights of sleep? Try the collagen eye patch to make the difference today and take control of your youthful looks!