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Eyebrow Mapping Guide Ruler for Tattoo and Symmetrical Make UP


Features: Adopting high quality non-toxic material, this will be safe to skin and durable to use. Help to accurately position in eyebrow shaping and get a pair of symmetrical satisfaction brows. With this caliper, it could be more accurate for those who are in the beginning stages of the permanent makeup eyebrow and lip. Adjustable size allows it to measure various kinds of eyebrows and paint the most suitable eyebrow shape. Fordable design, easy to carry and convenient to use. Specification: Condition: 100% Brand:New Item Type: Eyebrow Caliper Function: Locate eyebrow shape, measuring tool Material: Metal Package Weight: 75g Package Include: 1 x Eyebrow Caliper Tips for using: Location: to the edge of nose and two eyebrows to determine the location of an isosceles triangle. Shaping: Eyebrows ruler can be based on person’s face to bend, in order to achieve the perfect fit the needs of the face. Now, you can paint eyebrow!

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Cell Line PRO Microblading Needle 20pcs for Eyebrow Tattoo Permanent Makeup


How to insert the microblading needles into eyebrow tattoo pen:

1. Unscrew the microblading pen tip

2. Pull out the microblading needle solt from the tip

3. Insert the needle into needle solt from the side

4. Adjust the length of the needle depends on your needs

5. Put it back into tip after inserting the needle

6. Screw on the microblading pen tip

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Amber Lash, Easy Blossom Rods for Eyelash Perming Lash Lifting with Varying Sizes and Curls


Made from Korea, Amber Lash Easy Rods boasts safe and easy usage for eyelash perming. Just stick them on and watch the natural curls form!

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Real Eyelid – Imitation Human Eyelid Practice Tool for, eyelash lifting and eye make up.


Imitation Human Eyelid Practice Tool for eyelash lifting and eye make up

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Amber Lash Eyelash Extension Tapes for professionals, Various 3 to 6 Multi-packs for Different Applications


Assortment of tapes for eyelash extension. Choose the right tape for your style

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Amber Lash x Rolly Curly Lash Lifting Kit, Professional Eyelash Perm Combo Set, For Semi Permanent Eyelash Curling and Brow Lamination, 10 min Procedures


  • TOP BRANDS COLLABORATION: Our lash kit is a product of collaboration between top brands in Korea, Amber Lash and Rolly Curly. Resulting in high quality product that you can trust!
  • CURLS THAT LASTS: Made with Gentle yet strong formula; Rolly Curly kits creates a beautiful curls that lasts for more than 4weeks
  • CONVENIENCE IN A BOX: The lifting kit includes everything you need for eyelash perm and brow lamination. With easy to perform instruction, bringing out that fabulous curl is just a few steps away!
  • READY FOR THE MOMENT: Great for party and wedding- eyelash lift is an innovative way to keep lashes curled and looking younger. Get your lashes ready for that great moments in life!
  • FOR PROFESSIONALS: Rolly Curly perm kits is designed to be used by the professionals. The Application should always be left to professionals to avoid unwanted results and possible irritations!
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Lash Juice by Amber Lash, Coating Essence for Eyelash Extension and Lifting/Perm, Prolong Duration and Maintain Healthy Lashes 15ml


  • 🧃PROTECT- Lash Juice is a coating sealant for eyelashes after a lifting or extension procedure, to protect the lashes and make the retentions last longer!
  • 🧃NOURISH- Lash Juice is full of nutrients for eyelashes such as biotin and various plants extract to provide best nourishments to your lashes!
  • 🧃GROW- Special formula of copper tripeptide, collagen and various other peptides keep your eyelashes healthy and promote better growth!
  • 🧃SHAPE- Lash Juice will act as mascara after a eyelash extension or lift to shape your lashes into even more beautiful curls!
  • 🧃TRUST- Amber Lash is always there to provide best of the eyelash related product. Satisfaction guaranteed or get your money back!
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Amber Lash, Sharp Lash MIX 13 ~18mm Long Eyelash Extension B, C, D, Curls and Multi Thickness Premium Flat Lashes with Split End for Volume


  • LONGER, SOFTER, LIGHTER: MIX of 13mm to 18mm Lashes. Despite the long length of the lashes, Sharp Lash retains it’s softness and light weight! You can have your extra special lashes with out them weighting you down!
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: Sharp Lash is made of Japanese Toray fibers. The Quality material and 100% handmade from our factory. Eyelashes are virtually weightless as your own eyelashes. Comfortable wear.
  • FLAT & SPLIT: Flat lashes with Split Tips at the end giving full volume looks without adding weight to your natural lashes.
  • EASY USAGE: SHARP LASH is Easily removable Eyelash Extension from the strips and the strips can be picked from the basis easily as well. Eyelash Extension Supplies for Salon and professional Eyelash Specialist.
  • VARIOUS CURLS AND THICKNESS: MIX of 13mm to 18mm length available in B, C, D curls and 0.10, 0.15, 0.20mm thickness
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